The Music of John Hawkes


Audio Files

Recordings of some of my pieces can be heard on the  'Sound Cloud' website ' (SC), these are excerpts from recordings of live performances.
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In addition audio files of some other my compositions are available for viewing and playing provided you have the Sibelius Scorch plug-in browser. 
The sound quality you hear will be dependent on your sound card.

Sibelius SC
Orchestral Pieces
Divertimento for Chamber Orchestra 1st Mov.   SC
A Northumbrian Prelude  
Serenade for Strings mov. 2  
Concertino for Cello and Orchestra mov. 1  
Chamber/Instrumental Music (excluding recorder music)
4 Melodies for Violin and Piano, movement 1  
Wind Quintet  
String Quartet no 1 ('Landscapes')  
Sonatina no 2 for Clarinet and Piano.  
'Bright Hair Falling' (piano trio)  
'Encircling the Square' (sop., instr. ensemble)  
3 Songs of Death (Sop, clar., cello)  
String Quartet no 2 ('On High Ground'),excerpt  
Toeing the Line (4 inst. lines, pno, perc.)  
Bifurcations (Instrumental ensemble) SIB  
Aurora Borealis II (Brass Quintet) SIB  
Six Pieces for Piano (no 6)  
In the background (percussion ensemble)  
Perpetual Night (cl., vln, vlc., perc.)  
'Prelude' for Windband  
'Dreaming and Singing (vln, cl., pno)  
'Echoes (Alto sax, vln, vlc, pno)  
Recorder Music
Sonata for Recorder and Violin: 2nd Mov. SIB  
Miniature Suite: 1st mov. SIB  
Sonatina no 2 for Recorder and Piano  
Dance Suite: (Played by Blokkfløytistene Uranienborg)  
Recorder Quartet no 2: 1st Mov. SIB  
Recorder Quartet no 3: 2nd Mov. SIB  
Recorder Quartet no 4: 3rd Mov. SIB  
Recorder Quartet no 5: 1st Mov. SIB  
Recorder Quintet SIB  
Recorder Septet: 1st Mov.  SC
Silver Suite for five recorders mov.2  
Symphony no 2 for Recorder Orchestra 1st mov  
Geodesic (for 36 recorders)  
Sinfonietta for Chamber Recorder Orchestra, 2nd Mov.  
Concertino for Harpsichord and Recorder Orchestra, 2nd Mov.